Thursday, August 27, 2009

Live Free or Die

We just got back from our summer vacation to New Hampshire.

It was glorious.

Glorious weather, glorious food, glorious 80 degree water, glorious kids, glorious ice cream....just glorious.

The great thing about having 7 nieces and nephews (almost 8!) under the age of 8, is that there's always something going on and, maybe more importantly, always something funny being said. I give you excerpts from our week:

- Ella, Randall and H.L's 3-year-old, was playing on the beach when she looked up and saw a man with a beard paddling his kayak. "Look Mommy, it's Jesus!" she exclaimed. We're pretty sure he heard....but not quite as sure if he was surprised at the comment.

- James, Tyler and Rebecca's 4-year-old, currently has an obsession with all things Star Wars. He brought 4 of the six movies to the lake with him and could (and did) recite the entire plot at a moment's notice. One day we got in the boat to take the kids (and me, who am I kidding...) to ice cream in town. We got just about out of the cove, when the happy look on James' face turned sour and he started sobbing: "I miss Star Wars!!".

I couldn't help but laugh. So, we turned around and went back to he could continue watching Star Wars. Turns out that he didn't need to watch Star Wars, he just needed to get all four of his movies so he could carry them with him while he ate ice cream. Ah, now I ask you what is important in life?

- Coco, Tyler and Rebecca's 6-year-old, was upset with Blake and Me in the hot tub because we were withholding hose-squirting privileges from her. She was so upset that she told her Daddy that he owed her a dollar. "Why?" he asked. "(Pointing and glaring at Blake) Because of him." I hated it when adults laughed when I was angry as a kid...and how here I am doing it. But again, I couldn't help myself. I had to laugh. We all laughed.

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