Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sorry I've been away so long, folks. May's a busy (and expensive) month for us:

May 1: Blake's Birthday (28). We had dinner at Acadiana and saw State of Play in Chinatown.
Anyone visiting D.C. with a full wallet and an empty stomach should treat her/his self to Acadiana. It's upscale Louisiana-style cuisine, and it's amazing. We all had the crab cakes, and I must say they were the best crab cakes I've ever had (and that's saying a lot...I've personally taken it upon myself to sample crab cakes at every restaurant I've been to since moving to DC. Verdict: Best crab cake - Acadiana. Best crab cake sandwich - MatchBox. )
State of Play was awesome. I particularly enjoyed it because I'd seen them filming it in my neighborhood last fall and hoped to be accidentally in the background in the metro scene. No dice on being an extra, but still an entertaining show.

May 2: Blake's Birthday, the sequel. Dinner at Ledo Pizza (our favorite DC pizza joint) with the whole gang. Equal celebration of Blake's birthday and graduation from law school.
Good pizza. Great friends. Cake that broke into three pieces while I was away, but still tasted scrumptious. MarioKart Wii competitions. Fitting all 16 of us into our living room. What a great night.

May 9: Dinner with Zach and Alicia Derr and Brian and Kelly Stewart (Blake's law school buddies) to celebrate the end of the law school era. Pizza Paradiso. They're all moving to Utah after graduation, which is a bummer for us.

May 10: Mother's Day. Big family dinner with all the kiddos at Blake's parents' house. Good food. Great fun. Neat nieces and nephews (yes, they're mine now too!).

May 12: Dinner to celebrate Tom Davenport's graduation from Dental school. Asia Nine. Also, we celebrated Tom's moving in with the Georgetown crew. It'll be nice to have him closer than Baltimore.

May 13: Tyler turns 30. Celebrate porch-sitting-style in Georgetown.

May 15: My parents come to town for the weekend in honor of Blake's Law School graduation.

May 17: Blake graduates from Law School (hooooooraaaay!).

May 22-25: Go on vacation to heretofore undisclosed location.

May 25: My Birthday. Memorial Day. No work. Just play.


  1. Hooray to Blake for graduating! We'll see you this weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday Rach!!! I'll call you soon--I was on vacation over your birtday . . . I'm a slacker. Love you! ~Rachel