Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's happening


Trip to New Hampshire. Highlights: seeing the covered bridges. Being amazed at the fall colors. Having our engagement pictures done at Blake's house (see below...just a little taste).

New job at Georgetown Law.

Thanksgiving in Pebble Beach with my family. Highlights: dinner at Fresh Cream. Celebrating my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. Low light: Blake staying home due to the horrible timing of GW Law finals.

Studying "by proxy" for finals.


Quick weekend trip down to Disney world with Blake's family. Highlights included watching Blake's nephew, James, cry on every ride except for It's a Small World, taking advantage of fast passes, wondering why one out of every one point five people at Disney was obese, and eating an ice cream bar shaped like Mickey's face.

One week in Utah with my family. Highlights included snowmobiling on Christmas day at my uncle's cabin, multiple wedding dress fittings, playing Wii with my brothers, eating way too much candy, seeing old friends and hanging out with family.


New Years at Blake's house. Highlights included: Wii, Clearplay, iPod touch and new TV = whole new world of entertainment.

Back to work. Saving the world, one adjunct at a time. Highlights include: dealing with the world's craziest/scariest head of payroll, conquering, and living to tell the tale (more on that to follow).

Searching for housing. Highlights: Finding it hard to believe that we're in a recession. Going through the lending process and filling out loan paperwork. Learning new words like "earnest money" and trying to jump in while interest rates are so low.

Final touches for the wedding. Highlights: 10 trips to the photo store trying to get them to print the right pictures. Picking out ties and tuxes. Still trying to find a photographer...


  1. You live the most exciting life of anyone I know right now personally. The picture of you and B is so cute.

  2. I love the picture of you guys too. It sounds like you've been very busy! I can't believe you get married in a little over a month. I'm so excited for you!!